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Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry is a full service cash for gold, silver and platinum jewelry buyer. We are Sacramento and Placer county’s #1 Jewelry & Coin buyer to not only the general public but to over 40 jewelry buyers, jewelry stores, pawn brokers, coin dealers and antique dealers. We are very aggressive with our purchase offers, we will make sure you know exactly how we break down the pricing of your jewelry by karat and weight. We pride ourselves on being the #1 buyer in the area, so there is really no need to price shop, but if you feel the need please shop us last. Finding a honest and fair, jewelry buyer, coin & currency dealer, bullion trader, diamond buyer, watch buyer is a lot like finding a Doctor, mechanic, or contractor you just don’t let anyone do the work unless you have confidence in that person that they are fair, honest or will do the job right you stick with them forever and refer your friends and family, that is why we stand far apart from all our competition. So give us a chance to earn your trust and business. We are sure once you see how fair and friendly we are you will have confidence knowing you made the right choice by doing business with us in one of our safe established locations.

Here are some examples of what we purchase, all karat gold from:8kt, :10k, 14K, 18K, 21K, 22K, 24k gold or white gold jewelry, platinum jewelry both .900 & .950, sterling silver jewelry, .925 jewelry, wedding bands, wedding sets, engagement ring, coin rings, nugget rings, bands, cocktail rings, class rings, championship rings, rings with precious stones, rope chain, curb link, anchor link, Figaro, omega, herringbone, wheat, bead, cable, and Gucci links, bangle bracelets, I.D. bracelets , earrings, hoop earrings, dangle, studs, drop earrings, mismatched earrings, pendant s, charms, gold nugget pendants, brooches, medals, lockets, gold watches, silver watches, platinum watches, cuff links, if it’s made of gold sliver or platinum, nor does it matter if the jewelry is broken, twisted, tangled or dented, the precious metal remains very valuable and we will purchase it.

Gold Rush specializes in large jewelry purchases and there isn’t deal to large for us to

gold frame jewelry

handle. We are also extremely aggressive with our estate purchases. Large estates are part of our everyday transactions that we treat with the same integrity as our over the counter buys. Whether you have a small estate or very large estate, we will finely comb through your items and place value and educate you along the way. Sometimes together we can uncover value that normally would have gone overlooked. With our collective knowledge and commitment to our customer, we welcome your estate parcels of any size.