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Posted by Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry Sacramento CA on Tuesday, 07 July 2015 in Diamonds


Buy Diamonds in Sacramento
Diamond has traditionally graced engagement jewelry. The fact that it is durable and lustrous makes it a good choice to be used as a symbol of a relationship’s strength and durability. Purchasing diamonds is not a daunting task as long as you have tips to ensure your purchase is effective. To buy diamonds in Sacramento, there are some things you should note.
The cut of a diamond is important irrespective of its use. Begin by examining the gem under bright light to determine the quality. ‘Cut’ is a term used to refer to how well the shape of the stone scatters light. The pavilion’s proportion is the next thing to evaluate. An overly deep pavilion makes a dimmer diamond. On the other hand, a shallow pavilion lets too much light to pass through the stone. Any experienced diamond buyer in Sacramento should use this method to evaluate a diamond.
Remove any colorful items like other articles of clothing or gemstones near the diamond. Place the diamond’s pavilion side up on white paper and use a balanced spectrum light or sunlight. Look for traces of brownish or yellow tints. Compare the gem’s color against GIA color rating scale.
Clarity is another tip to consider when you want to buy diamonds in Sacramento. Things such as tiny internal gas bubbles, black carbon flecks and white filmy inclusions are to be avoided. Such features decrease the value of the stone. Look at the diamond from top down using a magnifying glass or loupe. Stones that are graded IF or FL using the IGA rating are those that are rare and command a high price.
Remove any impurities on the diamond’s surface by cleaning it with an alcohol swab. Use tweezers to place the gem on the jeweler’s scale. Take note of its weight in relation to the dimensions of the same.
The interrelation between these four evaluation methods will be used by any diamonds buyer Sacramento to assess the value of the diamond. When you have made the decision to buy diamonds in Sacramento know that there are many sellers of the gems. You should therefore begin by consulting with several jeweler or gem dealers. Consultations will assist you find out information such as the clarity, weight, cut and color of the diamonds they stock. Discuss any replacement plans (especially for jewelry diamonds) and any applicable discounts. With these quick tips you can effectively run a diamond buying/selling business.