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Just like buying a car or home, it’s important to work with someone you can trust. You want someone that will look out for your needs without taking you for granted. As a family owned business we’re in it for the long haul. We believe in honesty, trust and ethics. In addition to working with someone you can trust, it’s important to know different dealers have different expertise, years in the business, grading skills, operational costs, and inventory needs. As a dealer to dealers, we are able to cut out the middleman and keep costs low, which equates to better offers for our customers.

Most appraisals take only a few minutes and you’re on your way. We even offer free written appraisals. If you’d rather not sell your item, but would instead like to receive a written appraisal to keep; we offer free written appraisals within 20 minutes. Items taking longer than 20 minutes, upon your approval, will be charged at $70 per hour, which will be refunded if you do decided to sell us at a later date.

It may seem counter intuitive, but yes, do NOT clean your coins. Cleaning will definitely bring down the value of your coins. We’ve seen coins lose $1,000s in value due to cleaning. Leave your coins as they are, in their cases if so and let an expert do the cleaning with the proper tools and chemicals.

We buy all coins: Morgan and peace dollars, 90% silver coins, pre-1933 gold coins, gold and silver bullion coins, gold, silver bars, foreign coins, and more. Bring it in and let us give you a quote.

No way! You will walk out the door with your CASH or we can write you a check. Either way, you are paid ON THE SPOT.

Determining the current value of most coins relies on numerous variables; specifically the condition of the coin. Simple estimates about your coin’s worth are frequently more advanced than may be envisioned. Even the smallest influences can drastically change a coin’s worth. We may be able to let you know what a “typical” coin is worth, but the real value may be quite a bit higher or lower. To get the highest offer, we must see your items in person to truly assess them.

Absolutely. Not all dealers and locations will treat you with the same service nor have the same expertise when appraising your items. Gold Rush Coins & Jewelry not only provides excellent service to the general public with aggressive rates and cash offers, but we also provide service to over 40 local and national businesses as well; including pawn brokers, coin dealers, cash for gold dealers, jewelry stores, gold prospectors and more. The majority of our business comes from referrals and satisfied clients. We will always try our hardest to be the best and offer the most.

Finding a honest and fair coin, bullion and jewelry trader is a lot like finding a honest and fair mechanic or contractor. You don’t just let anyone wrench on your car or build your house, once you find a fair and honest person in any field of work you stick with them and refer your friends and family. Please give us a chance to earn your trust and business.

There are NO taxes on transactions over $1,500.01 as California State Law considers these purchases an investment and are NOT TAXABLE! Purchases $1,500 or less are required to be taxed at the normal rate.