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Posted by Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry Sacramento CA on Thursday, 11 June 2015 in Diamonds


Do you have a collection of diamonds in your house collecting dust? Maybe your wealthy aunt passed away and since she had no heirs you inherited the diamonds by default? Both ways, you are faced with one challenge, how to sell diamonds. Diamonds have for a long time remained the world’s most precious substance. The situation is no different in Sacramento. The value of diamonds in Sacramento has never gone down even for a moment. Perhaps, it is high time you learn the perfect ways of disposing of your precious stones. The excellent way to get rid of your surplus superfluous stones is to sell them in Sacramento.
Why Sacramento?
Sacramento is a sanctuary for shoppers of jewelry in Northern California. The city is the cultural center that hosts exciting tourist attractions. It has museums and exhibits of numerous collections of jewelry. This is why selling diamonds in Sacramento will give you more money than selling in any other place.
What Is The Value Of Your Diamonds?
Sell Diamonds in Sacramento
Before you sell diamonds in Sacramento, you need to evaluate your precious stones realistically. The fact that you bought the rings at a very high price does not guarantee that you will receive the exact money you paid for them.
Get an Appraisal
For one to sell diamonds in Sacramento at fair prices, getting an appraisal is not a choice. The assessment grades the value of one’s diamonds. The value of a diamond is determined by its weight, clarity, its uncut and color. The colorless diamonds are accorded highest value than the colored ones. Also, the uncut diamonds are valued more than cut ones, because being uncut determines its brilliance and fire. Identify a qualified appraiser in Sacramento who will help you determine your diamonds’ value and sale price.
Maximizing Diamonds Prices
The most excellent technique of getting a fair price for diamonds is to knowing as much as one can about the precious stone. The knowledge will put one in a better position to bargain with the buyer. When the buyer offers you less eighty percent of the rapport price, don’t accept; it’s a dump value. Many brokers tend to purchase the diamonds at very cheap prices so that they can resale them at enormous profits. An appraisal helps one determine whether the value offered is dump value or not. It is advisable to sell one’s diamonds in a larger metropolitan areas such as Sacramento, where the commodity is likely to be in higher demand. When one does not get a fair value for their diamonds in any of the sighted places, consider selling them to relatives and friends. These are the people likely to give you fair prices for the diamonds, and will still be appreciative for safeguarding something with sentimental value in the family.