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Posted by Gold Rush Coins and Jewelry Sacramento CA on Friday, 15 May 2015 in Jewelry


There is an ongoing debate in certain circles as to where to go to get the best price if you’re selling jewelry in Sacramento, Calif. Do you go to a pawn shop or to a jewelry buyer who specializes in also buying gold, silver and diamonds?
Well, actually you can say either one, but let’s get the real story on both options available for those looking to sell their personal jewelry. Depending on how much value you place on your possessions, how much research you are willing to do before your sale and depending on the jewelry item itself and its characteristics, that is how much you can expect to get in cash or check.
A Pawn Shop Is Not The Best Place
There are some definite drawbacks a typical jewelry seller Sacramento prospect faces that he or she wouldn’t find anywhere else. The case in the point is that the bad reputation pawn shops have among jewelry establishments, deserved or not, enables a pawn shop owner to buy cheap right from the start. No matter the type or quality of the jewelry, diamonds, gold or
Selling Jewelry in Sacramento
silver a seller has, they’ll get far below what they would elsewhere.
Estate Sales/Retail Jewelers
Estate sales of jewelry usually carry the best connotation and many times get the best prices for the seller who usually is a trust, family or foundation liquidating the personal belongings of a deceased person.
A seller of jewelry needs to remember that jewelry is style-driven. Because of this, estate jewelry/retail jewelers will not give top prices to sellers of jewelry that is not in or nearly in fashion.
Unless the piece is an antique with precious stones and/or gold or silver mountings, and in good condition, the selling price is not usually something to brag about.
Determining A Jewelry’s Selling Price
A seller’s best bet would be to research as much as possible the value of their piece of jewelry. As there are several factors that will decide how much they will get for the jewelry, sellers need to know an approximate figure of what they may get. Such contributing factors in setting the price are: the carat, the color, the cut, the purity and the condition of the stone–whether diamonds, gold and/or silver.
Online Jewelry Buyers
Today’s convenience, speed and dynamics as found in the Internet has facilitated the process of jewelry selling extraordinarily. Sending the jewelry pieces to a myriad of quality, reputable, online dealers in prepaid envelopes trigger fast appraisals and the issuing of checks to a seller’s mailing address or preferred bank account.
Selling jewelry has never been easier than today, and the future for selling jewelry in Sacramento looks like its getting brighter every day.